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Travel with Daniel to the dusty baseball fields of Nicaragua in Beyond Baseball: Rounding First as he chronicles the incredible work being done by the non-profit Helping Kids Round First to bring opportunity to young baseball players, empower women, put food on the table for families, and bring quality medical equipment to one of the poorest countries in the world.

Hear from some of Nicaragua's brightest stars including Marvin Benard (Giants), Roniel Raudes (Red Sox), Marlon Avea (Astros), Kevin Gadea (Mariners) as well as Olympic softball star Ruby Rojas.

A portion of every book sale will be donated to help Helping Kids Round First bring more opportunity to children in Nicaragua.

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Makes you want to stop everything and grab your glove & ball to hand to a child in Nicaragua. The passion these men have for helping others is amazing and humbling. This book shows you a glimpse of baseball you never would see.-Baseball Road 365