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Thank you for your support of the Working For A Dream Baseball Academy and the Rivas Bombers!

Working For A Dream was founded by Nicaraguan baseball coach Johnny Alvarez. After spending many years as the pitching coach at the premier baseball academy in Nicaragua, Johnny grew tired of seeing agents and academies take large (and illegal) portions of young players’ signing bonuses and contracts (often more than 50%) when they signed with a professional team.

In response, he founded the Working For A Dream Baseball Academy in Rivas, Nicaragua, a completely not-for-profit training ground for young baseball prospects. Because of its non-profit status, funding for basic necessities like equipment, coaching, umpires, field space, and food often falls on the families of the players and on Johnny himself. In the poorest country in Latin America, finding the resources to allow these players to continue playing the game they love can often be a challenge.

Coach Bucky Lindow and the Cannon Falls (MN) High School Bomber baseball program generously donated uniforms to the Working For A Dream academy, and the newly named Rivas Bombers stormed through their league and are currently playing in the playoff semifinals. However, they continue to struggle to find the financial resources necessary to continue to play and train.

In conjunction with Helping Kids Round First, is proud to be able to offer baseball fans everywhere the opportunity to help the Rivas Bombers continue working for their dreams through a uniform sponsorship program. By choosing to support one of the players in Rivas, you will help ensure that ballplayer will be able to continue enjoying the game we all love in the upcoming fall season.